Yoga For Weight Loss

In order to get a lean body, the right exercise is essential.  While not as energetic as some methods, there are many people using yoga for weight loss.  How can yoga help with weight loss and get a lean body that is both sexy and healthy?

Yoga originates from Indian Hindu culture and is an ancient form of physical exercises.  The movements are considered to have an impact on mental as well physical health. It was introduced to Western world in the 1890’s.  Since then, many have used yoga for weight loss and control routines.

Its popularity continues to grow, with many celebrities using Yoga including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Williams.  Williams has since cited yoga as contributing to her dealing with the death of her partner, Heath Ledger.  It helped her get a lean body so much that she co-founded the Yoga for Single Moms Project.

It is important to stress that Yoga is not a get a lean body quick scheme.  It requires lots of determination and focus.   Patience is also essential, as the postures may not come easy to you.  Most yoga teachers will simplify the movements, allowing you to slowly build up to the fuller moves.

The reason Yoga is such a powerful aid to weight loss, is that it combines calming breathing techniques with long, stretching postures and positions.  These postures are either performed in standing, lying or kneeling positions.

There are various styles of yoga which differs in how the poses are done and the focus area. The different styles include

Ashtanga – a fast-paced series of sequential poses, moving from one posture to another in a continual flow and synchronized with breathing. This style is practised by Madonna to stay fit and get a lean body.

Bikram – a hot yoga workout which is practiced in a sauna like hot and steamy environment designed to sweat out the toxins and cleanse the body from the inside. Lady Gaga practices Bikram yoga to stay in shape.

Hatha – a more popular and commonly practiced yoga style which balances the body and mind, helping to tone your body and making it more flexible while relaxing your mind. Jennifer Aniston practices hatha yoga.







There are many more styles, but you could try the Bikram or Ashtanga yoga for weight loss, which combines standard poses and breathing with more aerobic moves, thus providing a sweatier, fat burning routine. 

Power yoga, a variant of Ashtanga yoga, and popular among the modern generation, is a more energetic and lively routine.  You will need to be more flexible and fitter to engage in power yoga as the poses are more difficult.

While the stretching in yoga is good for weight loss as it strengthens muscles and toning, and the breathing helps release toxins from the body, it will not shed pounds as quickly as say, using a treadmill or doing two hours a week of aerobics.  It is a long-haul plan.

Stronger muscles will enable you to do more physically.  So in an in direct way yoga for weight loss is great in that respect.  You could incorporate exercises with a greater fat burning capacity, such as swimming and running to help you get a lean body.

If you are overweight, you have to consider why.  Eating habits will always be the biggest factor involved in weight loss, that’s why most diets are ineffective.  Diets are short-minded.  You have to change your outlook and lifestyle, in order to get a lean body.  Yoga offers a psychological workout as well as a physical one, which may be of help to you.

If you are highly stressed this will affect how much you eat and how much weight you put on.  Yoga is more about spiritual and mental wellness.  People feel better in themselves and about themselves while practising yoga.  As it not only helps them get a lean body, it also improves their ability to deal with what life throws in their direction.

Yoga should not be considered a weight loss wonder.  It has definite benefits to losing weight in that your motivation to do so will be increased.  So, both directly and indirectly, yoga for weight loss will help you get a lean body. 


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